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At Zeetun, we believe in celebrating the unmatched flavor of Tunisian olive oil, carefully crafted by local farmers with years of experience. We have spent decades savoring the distinct taste and quality of olive oil produced in farms spanning across every corner of Tunisia.

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From the south of the Mediterranean to British homes & shops.

Zeetun Ltd effectively works with local farmers across all steps of the procedures including the harvesting, picking, extraction and bottling. This is to guarantee that our customers to receive the best crop and olive oil to offer here in the UK. 

We help local mills & teams increase productivity efficiently while working towards sustainability and reducing their carbon foot print. This involves assisting them with new techniques & research in our continuous effort to be a leader in high quality olive oil production

Furthermore, we aim to create long term bridge between the UK and North Africa after the former has left the EU. 

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Please join our restaurants & shops partners list to be first to know of new products and promotions while providing your customers with our distinct single origin olive oil brands and together we can change the way olive oil is looked at in the UK. 

We are mainly based in UK but look forward to expanding when the time is right. 

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